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Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz Year In Review

What Matt Lutz has accomplished as your Muskingum County Sheriff since 2009.

  • Our Accomplishments

    Over the last year we have purchased, installed, and began operation of a new records management system, Tyler Technologies. We are in the first full year of the Tyler Software, allowing us for the first time to easily pull stats for an annual review. This software allows our 5 village police departments to access our computer system, thus allowing all agencies in the county to better communicate with each other. This system also allows all units to access the state-wide LEADS program developed for law enforcement.

  • New Positions

    We have been very busy filling new positions in our office. Within the last two years, we have added new School Resource Officers to the John Glenn School District and the West Muskingum School District. We have also added a School Resource Officer to the National Road Elementary School, a Zanesville City School that is located in the county. Additionally, a deputy has been assigned to the Zane State College/Ohio University Zanesville Campus. We have also joined a second criminal task force and have assigned a deputy to work in this multi-jurisdictional unit.

  • K-9 Division Improvements

    Our K-9 division continues to remain a valuable part of our office. We currently have four K-9’s. All of the K-9 units are trained in article detection, locating missing persons, tracking suspects, and suspect apprehension. Dep. Dustin Prouty and K-9 Jango, Dep. Shawn Williams and K-9 Crit, Dep. Jeremy Archer and K-9 Narco are all trained in narcotic detection as well. Dep. Josh Whiteman and K-9 Panzer are trained in explosives detection. This division has proven vital in assisting in investigations.

    The K-9’s have also been utilized as a public relations tool as we do K-9 rides to school. The rides are donated to charities around the county and the proceeds for purchasing the rides go back to the charities. This has proved to be an effective tool in building relationships between kids and our deputies.

  • Drug Unit Convictions And Sentencing 2015 To Present

    Since 2015, the Muskingum County/Zanesville City Joint Drug Unit, along with the Muskingum County Prosecutor’s Office, have amassed the following statistics as it pertains to conviction numbers and sentencings as a result of the above cases. These numbers are a direct result of a get-tough stance on large level drug traffickers in an attempt to make their presence in our community not worth the risk of incarceration. This is in hopes that the individuals that traffic this poison on our streets seek another community not within the confines of Muskingum County to sell their poison.


    Major Drug Offenders


    Felonies Of The 1st Degree


    Felony Convictions


    Years Of Incarceration