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The companies, organizations and citizens of Muskingum County below endorse Matt Lutz For Muskingum County Sheriff.


I have know Mr. Lutz for years. He has had my vote for every election. He is a great community member. He does a lot for the charities and fundraising for the non profit organizations in the area. He is respectful, helpful and passionate about the safety of the citizens.
I have not come across any deputies that have been rude, disrespectful, or bullies under sheriff Lutz. I feel comfortable knowing if I need assistance, they will do what they can to resolve it.
#reelectmattlutzforsheriff #safecommunity

Kind words of encouragement

Dear Matt,
While sitting here quietly, and alone for the moment in my own home, I began thinking about how blessed I truly am, and thinking about this wonderful country, the United States of America, that we have the privilege to live in. I cannot also help thinking about the direction we seem to be heading into. I try extremely hard to maintain a positive, determined and hopeful attitude that through it all, no matter how frightening, and almost unbelievable some people and situations seem to be, and are growing, that Almighty God will help us work it out if we continue to valiantly try to work it out. That is why I am invigorated to write this letter to you, because it means that much to me, both personally and professionally.
While this letter I am writing to you certainly is not a short letter, I find it necessary to express what I am thinking, without going into a lot of detail about my total thoughts, which would force me to write a BOOK to you, which I will not do.
My major reason for writing this letter to you is that I am keenly aware that you are involved in a contested race for the office of Sheriff for Muskingum County. While I firmly and very confidently believe you will be re-elected as our Sheriff, my wisdom and life experiences have taught me to never EVER just take ANYTHING for granted, which I just know you do not do.
It should really go, without saying, that I am truly your friend, and I trust and believe in you without question. But, being my friend would not necessarily qualify you to be the Sheriff of Muskingum County, and if you were not qualified, even though we are friends, I would NOT vote for you. But you ARE ABSOLUTELY QUALIFIED, and I intend to vote for you and support you in any way that I can. You, your family and I go back a long way, and pleasantly I might add.
My major reason for voting for you and supporting you, in addition to the aforementioned reasons, it is very simple. You have ALREADY proven yourself. During you service as our Sheriff, you have not and do not merely occupy, ''shuck and jive'', or merely do what most people of so called influence, or any complaining citizen tries to force you to do, you seem to ACTUALLY perform your duties and responsibilities in the best and most responsible manner that you can.
During my lifetime and my professional career, I have known about and worked with numerous Muskingum County Sheriffs, some good, some not so good, but you, Matt Lutz, in my humble opinion, are the best Sheriff Muskingum County has ever had during my lifetime and professional career.
Just some personal advice to you for your consideration: I have personally learned through my life experiences and professional experiences that I CANNOT ever expect to be perfect, because only GOD is perfect, but God does expect each of us to STRIVE TOWARD perfection. I have learned that we will never be able to be perfect in an imperfect world. We must just keep striving to be and do our very best. I believe in my heart, Matt Lutz, you already try to do that. God bless you Matt, and keep pushing.
your friend
Bob Brandford


I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why I am supporting and voting for Matt Lutz as Muskingum County Sheriff in November. Matt Lutz has experience- he has worked in every position the Sheriff’s office has- jailer, dispatcher, civil paper server, road deputy, supervisor, detective, drug bureau, and now Sheriff. What better experience is there to understand the workings of an office than to work your way up – from bottom to top. Now he supervises 125 employees. Experience matters.Matt Lutz is a very community minded individual. He served as a junior member of Harrison Twp. VFD ; became a full volunteer at 18 and went on to be the Fire Chief. All of these duties are truly volunteer, no salary- just the good feeling you get of trying to help out your neighbor who is having a bad day. Matt serves as auctioneer for various charity events, checks on senior citizens, has coached football, reads to school children, and a variety of other civic duties. A caring individual.Matt is a very humble person. Back in the early 90’s a group of us would meet on Sunday evenings in the winter for wrestling matches. Matt and about 3 others had wrestling experience, the rest of us were wannabe’s but just enjoyed wrestling. Matt had the physical strength, wrestling knowledge and tactical abilities to squash the rest of us like a grape. But Matt never abused this ability. He wrestled with all of us and allowed us to wrestle to the best of our ability. In our minds there was a hope we might win but then - poof it was over, he won. True sportsmanlike conduct. Matt has a record while serving as Sheriff that speaks volumes. In the last few months, one person who was a major drug dealer was captured resulting in 26 properties being seized, $670,000 in cash seized, 7 pounds of cocaine confiscated. Another 10 kilos of cocaine was seized last week. 30 major drug busts, 41 first degree felony convictions, 41,836 incidents in 2019. Matt is very active, he works regular and irregular hours, I hear him making traffic stops, handling calls, etc. A Sheriff that is a hands on Sheriff. I am voting for Matt Lutz for Sheriff and asking you to do the same. PROVEN RESULTS- not rhetoric get my vote.

The right man for the job!!

When it comes to the 2020 Muskingum County Sheriff Race, there is only 1 man for the job Sheriff Matt Lutz. I have been with the office for 6 years now and during this time I have had ups and downs in my life and during the good and bad times Sheriff Lutz made sure to reach out and make sure I was doing okay and has helped me get through things during my career and still makes sure that my family and I are doing well.

I have had the pleasure to know most of the employees and grow up around the sheriffs office and around Sheriff Lutz. Not only does he care about his employees but he cares about those in the community. You are talking about a man that does so much for his employees, family and friends that most people don’t realize. When trying to decide who you want for Sheriff take into account everything about both candidates, because you don’t see Sheriff Lutz on Facebook bashing his opponent or making false statements. Sheriff Lutz runs a clean and professional campaign and to me that speaks volumes to how he runs the Sheriffs Office and how he respects the people in his community. Sheriff Lutz has my full support!

Deputy Zach Keylor // 6033

Matt Lutz for Sheriff

Due to my own personal knowledge and interactions, I support Sheriff Matt Lutz for re-election. First, I was lucky enough to spend 25 yrs. as a Records Clerk at Muskingum Co. Sheriff’s Office, serving under three very different leaders and working with Matt (as a deputy and a detective) and his father Lt. Mike Lutz. When Matt ran for Sheriff, after Sheriff Bob Stephenson decided to retire, there were those who supported him and those that supported his opponent. I personally did not find that Matt held this against any employee that did not support him during that time, although I am sure it was hurtful. I do not know Mr. Weaver, however after seeing some of the comments he has made on at least one current deputy’s post I am certain that he would be unable to do the same. Second, during the time of Matt’s election there was a push for unionization. Some people said they were unionizing because they were afraid of what might happen to their jobs. Everyone has their own opinion which they are entitled to, however I did not feel the need to unionize. After checking further into it I found that I did not have to be a part of the union. Matt wanted to know my reasoning for not joining the union and after my explanation he understood my decision. Finally, I was never treated any way but respectfully by Matt or any of his administration, and they were willing to listen any time I had a question, suggestion or concern. Sheriff Matt Lutz has my full support for re-election 2020.
Mitzi Mock - Retired MCSO Records 25 yrs.

Proud to endorse Matt Lutz for Sheriff

I started my career in Law enforcement in 1999 while I was still in high school. I had the opportunity to job shadow at the sheriff’s office during that time. When I was getting ready to do some ride alongs with the patrol division I was told that I would benefit the most by riding with Sheriff Lutz who at the time was the afternoon shift lieutenant.

He had no problem answering my questions, showing me things that would help further my career at the sheriffs office. He led by example and held to his word which says the same for how he is today.

When I was hired as a corrections deputy for the sheriffs office i was able to see him move from each division and further up the ranks learning the structure of the sheriffs office that i feel is what helps make him a great Sheriff to work with.

Over the course of my career I have seen first hand a Sheriff that does more than just sit in an office and be a sheriff. He has handled calls himself, backed up not only me but other deputies on calls, and worked together with members of our office and other departments to make Muskingum county a safer place to live and raise a family.

Sheriff Lutz is by far the best person for this position because of his experience and commitment to Muskingum County.

Thank you Sheriff Lutz for not only being my boss and a leader but a friend and co-worker.

Deputy Joshua Whiteman S-99

Re-elect Sheriff Matthew Lutz!

I had the pleasure of starting my correctional nursing career in 1998 at the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office. I enjoyed my time there and particularly appreciated the fact that everyone was so helpful and kind as I was new in the field. Sheriff Lutz was a deputy at that point in time but stood out amongst the crowd as a leader.

Through the years, I have been continually impressed by Sheriff Lutz. His character, kindness, diligence and work ethic are second to none. Our community has become a safer place to live and raise our families because of his leadership.

Sheriff Lutz has been an outstanding citizen of Muskingum County his entire life as well as a hardworking Sheriff for our community for the past 14 years.

To conclude, I would like to restate my support for Sheriff Lutz and encourage everyone to do the same. Get out and vote on November 3rd!

Dear Citizens of Muskingum County

I support and endorse Sheriff Matt Lutz for Muskingum County Sheriff not because I have known Matt for many many years but for the fact that he is absolutely the best person for the job. He has proven himself over & over during the past 12 years as our full-time working sheriff. He has represented all of Muskingum County citizens with great pride and honor. He has represented Muskingum County on the State and Federal levels and has done a fantastic job in making Muskingum County proud. His leadership skills are beyond reproach. He works hard for this County and he does so right along side the men and women he leads. He is active in cases and just doesn’t sit behind a desk. He is out on our streets and always connected to what is going on. He takes pride in our community and always answers the call when someone needs help with a problem, an event or fundraiser. Sheriff Lutz is who we need as our Sheriff to protect this community and our constitutional rights. So please take the time to make an informed choice this November 3rd. I support Sheriff Lutz and I’m asking you to do the same.
Gina LeCocq / Community Member and Wife of Deputy #23

Dear Muskingum County

I have known Matt since he was a little boy. As I have found with my own children, your personality is molded when you are very young. He was raised by good people with good values and who treated people fairly and kindly. Matt has those same characteristics. He has always been respectful , curteous, and fair. Like all of us, I am sure he has learned from mistakes and is a better person for it. I wish everyone could have read the post that Mr Weaver put on his '' elect Weaver for sheriff '' page before he took it down. He attacked a current deputy, Deputy Brewer It truly sounded like it was written by some thug. Sorry, there is no other way to describe it. His true character was put right out there for people to see. He threatened this deputy, someone he is hoping to supervise. It quickly was taken down. Hopefully someone screenshoted this. If you can, try to find this. If I didn't know Matt at all, I would vote for him based on how awful this post was. But I do know Matt and I have all the confidence in the world that he will continue to do a great job for our county !!!

Re-Elect Lutz

Sheriff Lutz is a community minded Sheriff. He has always supported local organizations and community events. His willingness and passion to help others shows in his daily work. Being the sheriff of Muskingum county is more than a job for Sheriff Lutz. Serving his community and keeping us safe is a priority that he takes very serious and he’s proud to do. Supporting Sheriff Lutz this November 2020 will ensure our community will continue to be safe and under excellent leadership.

Vote Lutz 2020

I would like to endorse Matt for re-election to the office of Muskingum County Sheriff.Ive known Matt for many years and he has been a hard working Sheriff with many accolades while also being a great community leader,wonderful father and always ready to volunteer to help any group or person. Please vote Lutz for your Sheriff

Elect Sheriff Matt Lutz

As Muskingum County Coroner, I have had the honor to work with Matt Lutz for the past eight years. Let’s keep this short. I am a huge supporter. We are blessed to have him and so many other great law enforcement heroes in this County. Elect Matt Lutz Sheriff.


My name is Carla Ewing. I'd like people to know that Matt Lutz is an upstanding man both personally and professionally. If he makes a decision, whether you agree with it or not, You know it's fair. I think the great job his deputies do says how great his leadership is.

Community Member

LUTZ 2020 How is someone going to run for sheriff who bad mouths the people on the front lines (the deputies) and has no idea about anything pertaining to the job he would have as sheriff? Highway patrol and the sheriffs department are two different things, and he already failed at one of those jobs. I’ve only been a part of the ''family'' for almost two years, but i can tell you that every interaction I’ve had with the sheriff has been great. I’ve never heard of an employee who has nothing but great things to say about their boss or even considers them a brother/family before being around this crew. I believe every current deputy knows that they would be able to call the sheriff at any time of day if they needed something and he would be there. Please, do what’s best for our community and vote for the person who has been making a positive impact for the past many years. Disclaimer: these thoughts and statements reflect only my beliefs and feelings. Not the feelings of those involved, friends or family. Also, I have screenshots of said bad mouthing, if anyone is curious to see.

Re-Elect Lutz 2020


When it comes to my family and my fiance Brodie Brewer, Sheriff Lutz has made sure that we are always supported and taken care of if we ever needed anything. Throughout a couple of on duty wrecks/injuries and personal difficulties Brodie has faced over the years, Sheriff Lutz and family, captain and his wife and many more people have been there. They have even reached out and checked on me and the kids several times. The morals, love for the community and county, his class, leadership, love for his deputies and their families etc. are all HUGE examples of why he deserves to continue to be our Sheriff. He goes above and beyond! OUR county needs him! There have been times recently that the other person running has put down Muskingum county officials and deputies. While riding in a town parade on the back of a truck that displayed ''attention whore'' on the front of it. Because that’s classy and the type of person that we want running our county, right? Making comments and accusations about several Muskingum county employees just to try to make them look bad. It’s uncalled for, unclassy and disrespectful to the people and community. Times are hard enough in this line of work, why would we want someone that’s acting this way during this time take on this leadership?

Vote for Matt Lutz!

Matt has done an outstanding job as our sheriff. We need to have him continue his great work.

Proud supporter of Our Sheriff

In 2008, we were in the middle of our benefit Bet on Baylee. We raised money and awareness for mitochondrial disease as my daughter Baylee suffers from this no known cure debilitating disease. Our live auction which is our biggest money maker of the event was getting ready to start but the auctioneer had no showed. Sheriff Lutz who was there to support us as we have know each other since high school, took me aside and offered to do it. Our journey began with our Auctioneer Sheriff!!! From that year as he was running for office that year till our last one in 2018 he was with us every year! He even jokes howwhow were his start to themthe auctions he does now. Always up to the task of helping and supporting!!! Human kindness ten fold is what you have in Sheriff Lutz!! He makes time for his community just not being the law of it! Thanks Sheriff for you making our fight your fight!!! We now will reciprocate YOUR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT!!

Young Republicans Support Sheriff Lutz

Sheriff Matt Lutz has the full support of the Muskingum County Young Republicans. He has been a huge supporters of our past events, and has served his community for over two decades. He has shown the leadership Muskingum needs to keep it on the right track. You can tell a lot about a person by how much trust their colleagues put in them, and his fellow Sheriff's trusted him to be the President of the Buckeye Sheriff's Association.

Imlay Florist a proud supporter of Sheriff Matt

As a lifelong business in Muskingum County we at Imlay Florist are proud to support our Sheriff, Matt Lutz!

The integrity and character that Matt possesses makes him our first and only choice of Sheriff for the community we have made our life in. From being involved with the youth and numerous civic organizations, Matt’s heart and hard work for Muskingum County and the residents that call it home is evident in all he does! His leadership have been proven over the last 12 years. We proudly endorse Sheriff Lutz to protect and serve our county.